I'm trying to sell 500 raffle tickers @ $15.00 each for the late Dale Lane's 1969 Chevy aluminum bodied step van. It has a 292ci 6 cyl. motor, 4spd manual tranny, & 3/4 ton Chevy rear & suspension. It runs PURRRFECT, & has a laser straight aluminum body. Dale had fixed up the inside, & installed paranormal tracking devices that were alleged to be able to "capture" ghostly images & sounds. He also used this on the "Ghosts & Legends" tours around the Groton area, as well as having it act as a sound truck for the once a year "HAMMERD" music festival in Peruville, NY @ Bob Eckerd's place.

Dale sold it for scrap in 2013 because he couldn't fix the motor from popping by the carburetor & skipping. I rescued it from the crusher & fixed the engine, so now it runs 100%. Since Dale passed away earlier this year, many folks have said they would like to have the van, but few are able to cover the cost to save & repair it, ergo the raffle concept. I figured if we sold a limited # of 500 tickets, the odds would be fair, & a per ticket price of $15.00 each makes them affordable for all. That figure also leaves the sum of $500.00 after all expenses to go to a worthy charity, yet to be determined.

Since the entire Groton "Olde Home Days" event had such a low turnout, I'm hoping we can promote this & sell the tickets in a timely fashion. Would it be possible to get it on our website, & perhaps even the CNY Car club sites? The Lane family hasn't suggested any preferential charity, so perhaps we could help with the allocation choices.

The van is located @ M/C Dyno Works bike shop
207 Main St.
Groton, NY 13073
Contact: Wayne "Chin" DeWitt @ (607) 898-5972 for info or ticket purchase.

Thanks; Dusty Kyes


Dusty Kyes
1969 Chevy aluminum bodied step van1969 Chevy aluminum bodied step van1969 Chevy aluminum bodied step van1969 Chevy aluminum bodied step van