Cool Car Guys

Hello Everyone, I think this sites going to be a great place for the club as a whole. I think this will help the next generation of car lovers relate to the club and all of its history. The more we put into this site the better it will be. A month ago I stared a blog called Cool Car Guys. It is a blog about guys (girls) and their love for the automobile. I was wondering if any of the members would like to do an interview with me and talk about their cars. I would like to find out how everybody has become a car guy and what makes them continue their love for cars as they get older. Im sure you guys have some great stories from both the past and present about the cars that you have owned, to the projects that are in your garage as well speak.  I just thought that I would put this out there for you guys to think about. Let me know, we can set up a interview and maybe I could come and shoot some pics of a project that you will be working on over the winter.

Take care,

John Z.