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The Stoker Boys

The Stoker Boys

Dick and Dave Stoker aka The Stoker Boys.  1940 Fords our 1st a 1940 Deluxe Sedan with a 355 cu inch sbc from Racing Head Service with a Edelbrock tunnel ram and 2 390cfm Holly's, 350 turbo and a 57 Chevy rear. Our 2nd a 1940 P/U with a 41 hood with a 355 cu inch sbc from Jasper Racing with a Dyer v6-71 blower with 2 625cfm Carters , a TCI 350 Turbo manual shift and a 69 Chevy 2 rear. Our 3rd a 1940 Standard Coupe also with a 355 cu inch sbc from Racing Head Service with a 350 turbo and 69 Nova 10 bolt rear.

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This is my 1939 Nash Lafayette Coupe


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Memories of a 57 Ford part two

The first car I ever drove was a 57 Ford Custom 300. Customized it with 4 barrel carb, fender skirts, floor shift, decal pin stripes, dual Hollywood mufflers and plastic seat covers. I proceeded to ruin the rest of the car but the seats are probably still mint and boy were they cold and hot. Purchased a 57 Ford Convertible later but the Custom was my favorite. Had been looking for another Custom and this one came up on e-bay. We went to Delaware to look at it and drove her home. She is a great driver and we have had a lot of fun with it so far.

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